4 Signs You Should Go on a Food Tour During Your Next Holiday

Posted on: 26 October 2017


If you're looking for something fun to do on your next holiday, you may want to add a food tour from a place like Food Lovers Tours, Ltd. to your itinerary. Whether you're travelling into Britain from abroad or just heading to another part of the country away from home, there are a number of reasons you may want to consider a food tour. Here are four of the top reasons.

1. You Want to Try Iconic Dishes

British food definitely does not start and end at fish and chips. The country has a number of iconic dishes, and with the right food tour, you may be able to try many of them. Spotted dick, toad in a hole, full English breakfast with blood sausage, bangers, and mash are just the beginning. You can learn about a lot more dishes on your tour.

2. You Want to Explore Award Winning Restaurants

For years, Britain had a reputation for having bland, boring food. However, that is certainly not the case at the moment. The country has countless award winning restaurants serving up some of the best cuisine in the world.

In fact, there are currently five restaurants in the country with three Michelin stars. There are even more with one or two stars. According to Michelin, three stars means a restaurant is so good that you might want to make special plans to travel to it.

3. You Want to Learn About Britain's Subcultures

Britain is definitely not a homogenous culture, and a food tour can be a great way to explore the country's various subcultures. For example, you may want to find a food tour that allows you to try Welsh dishes such as laverbread or Scottish classics such as haggis.

Beyond that, you can try everything from curries to Polish meat pies to afang stew from Nigeria. Britain's diverse culture means that you can sample foods from around the world whilst on a food tour.

4. You Want to Get Away From Pub Grub

If you haven't been to an area before, you may bump into a lot of pubs. While some pubs serve award-winning fare, others tend to dish up reheated frozen dishes. If you want to get away from pub grub but you don't want to spend hours researching the best places to eat, you may just want to sign up for a food tour.

To learn more about food tours, contact a tour guide directly. They can let you know what's available at your next holiday destination.